Hi! I'm Ali Karsh. I'm very observant, I ask a lot of questions, and I design simple pleasures and positive interactions.

I'm a designer and creative thinker with a passion for psychology and ceramics. I am currently working as an experience designer in Pittsburgh for a company called Deeplocal. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Spring of 2017, where I studied industrial design at DAAP. I am super proud to be a part of the 2017 graduating class - check out all of my talented friends at!

I'm always looking to connect, collaborate, make, and problem solve with interesting people.

Currently most excited about: public staircases, cooking with new vegetables, cozy coffeeshops, learning about weird brains, podcasts, and my stripe collection.


I use Instagram to connect with other creative people and to catalogue my daily inspirations and adventures. Check it out!  @aliroseisuppose


Currently located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.