Fantasy Dinner (Dance) Party Guest List


The most fun cover letter I've written thus far in my big girl job hunt asked me to answer this question:

"Oh -- and your fantasy dinner party guest list."

Or rather, they casually dropped this open-ended bomb of a suggestion at the very very end of the job description. After musing on it for about a day and a half, I came up with an answer that satisfied me so thoroughly that I have chosen to share it on my lil baby blog as well! This time, with moving pictures! 


"And now, my fantasy dinner party guest list. I’m sticking to all women because it feels right, and because this question without any parameters is absolutely overwhelming. To start, Michelle Obama for obvious reasons. When they go low, she goes high, and I would never tire of hearing her speak.

Secondly, my Nana, because she had a calming smile, she was a wonderful listener, and she had a surprising arsenal of crazy stories.


Solange— she was one of the first people to come to mind. She is an incredible music and visual artist, and I would be one step away from meeting Beyonce and relatively close to meeting Kanye and all the Kardashians (sorry, but it would be fascinating)!


Jane Goodall because I love the way she ripped on National Geographic in an interview for the October 2017 issue of National Geographic . She is a badass and a trail blazer, and it’d be incredible to be in her presence.

Maggie Rogers because she seems wise beyond her years, and I think my fantasy dinner party would definitely evolve into a dance party, and Maggie would probably help that become a reality (see: "Alaska" video).

Lastly, ******* *****, because she’d bring the jokes, I could pick her brain about starting an amazing brand, and I could low-key ask her to hire me. "

Do you guys like how I not-so-casually slipped the founder and CEO of the company into a seat at my fantasy dinner party table? Think it'll get me a job? ; - )

Paper-cut illustration by me, gifs by the internet (?)