Beijing Yogurt Jar 

I created a plaster mold from a little glass jar I brought home from China. The glass jar originally held a traditional Chinese yogurt that I think is called Lao Beijing Suan Nai. It is popular in the Northern regions of China, and it is served warm or room temperature in little glass or ceramic jars. You're supposed to sip it with a straw. I brought the jar back as a souvenir and then made a plaster mold from it once I learned about the wonders of slip casting. 

I manipulated casted parts by smooshing, pinching, and attaching things to other things to learn more about the strengths and limitations of slip.

I used a Thermofax machine to create screens of the flower I always doodle to use as a logo stamp on the bottom of my pieces.  I also made some floral polka-dotted vessels for fun.

The bottom photo shows a few jars that I took out of the mold too soon, but instead of tossing them I allowed them to slump and distort themselves even further. 

Again using the Thermofax machine, I created screens from drawings by Bryce Wong. We went to China together, so I wanted to use the yogurt jars as a collaborative canvas.



Photography by Josh Chamberlain.

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