Shady Palms: MKG Summer Party 2015

MKG | New York City | Role: Assistant Designer

Every Summer MKG throws an annual bash to connect with friends and clients. This party is an opportunity for MKG to push their creativity to its limits and transform the office entirely. I had the pleasure of being the assistant designer for Summer Party 2015 working alongside Laura Pelstring and a creative/production team of total weirdos. Together we curated the hippest retirement home to ever exist - Shady Palms. Shady Palms is a place where people go to spend their golden years. Complete with shuffleboard, sage advice, a senior dance team, bingo, jell-o shots and a sexy pool boy, Shady Palms is the perfect combination of PCB and your grandparents' living room.


The "All Gold Everything" GIF photo booth allowed guests to play dress-up with senior inspired / hip-hop inspired gold accessories and giant Werther's Originals.